Ryokan Yamamuro

Ryokan Yamamuro has been certified as a Kanazawa SDGs tourism promotion business operator in a total of 8 indicators; Indicator 1 “Take care of the resources in the Earth”, Indicator 2 “Go beyond barriers and promote partnerships”, Indicator 3 “Respect the local community and nature”, Indicator 4 “Create a comfortable town”, Indicator 5 “Create a rewarding work environment”, Indicator 6 “Protect local culture and economy”, Indicator 7 “Challenge new possibilities”, Indicator 8 “Introduce the appeal of the region and the contribution of tourism for Kanazawa”.

Its particularly unique efforts that contribute_ to the promotion of sustainable tourism are introduced below.

“Ryokan Yamamuro” is taking care of the lands in the prefecture, which have become difficult to manage due to the lack of manpower. In addition, the nature and atmosphere of the region is being conveyed to guests through the use of resources such as harvested fruits, decorating flowers in the hotel and other examples.

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