Nippon Travel Agency Co.,Ltd.KANAZAWA BR...

“Nippon Travel Agency Co.,Ltd.KANAZAWA BRANCH” has been certified as a Kanazawa SDGs tourism promotion business operator in a total of 4 indicators; Indicator 1 “Take care of the resources in the Earth”, Indicator 2 “Go beyond barriers and promote partnerships”, Indicator 6 “Protect local culture and economy”, Indicator 8 “Introduce the appeal of the region and the contribution of tourism for Kanazawa”.

Its particularly unique efforts that contribute to the promotion of sustainable tourism are introduced below.

Business operators in Kanazawa (construction, printing, product purchase) are selected as a first choice when implementing a plan, and programs that allow visitors to experience the culture and traditions of Kanazawa are included. SDGs tour programs in Kanazawa have been provided for educational travel.

“Nippon Travel Agency Co.,Ltd.KANAZAWA BRANCH” holds an international sustainable brand conference (Hokuriku convention) at Kanazawa University for local high school students, and carries out promotional activities.
In addition, courses that include facilities and restaurants where the participants can experience the culture of Kanazawa are proposed for excursions, such as academic conferences and sports competitions.