Mitsui Garden Hotel Kanazawa

Mitsui Garden Hotel Kanazawa has been certified as a Kanazawa SDGs tourism promotion business operator in a total of 8 indicators; Indicator 1 “Take care of the resources in the Earth”, Indicator 2 “Go beyond barriers and promote partnerships”, Indicator 3 “Respect the local community and nature”, Indicator 4 “Create a comfortable town”, Indicator 5 “Create a rewarding work environment”, Indicator 6 “Protect local culture and economy”, Indicator 7 “Challenge new possibilities”, Indicator 8 “Introduce the appeal of the region and the contribution of tourism for Kanazawa”.

Its particularly unique efforts that contribute to the promotion of sustainable tourism are introduced below.

A small bowl menu is provided for the breakfast buffet, and it is displayed so that customers can take only what they can eat. In addition, “Mitsui Garden Hotel Kanazawa” is participating in the food sharing service “TABETE” and is working to reduce food loss.

As part of our efforts to reduce flower loss, “Mitsui Garden Hotel Kanazawa” collaborates with a gardening business who provide surplus flowers for free and display them in the lobby.
In addition, in order to convey the charm of Kanazawa to visitors, decorations that match the region have been put up in the hotel such as snow hangings in the courtyard.

The interior is decorated with crafts made by local artists and Kanazawa color. A lot of local ingredients are used for the breakfast, and Kutaniyaki and design of tourist attractions in Kanazawa are used for tableware.
When tableware is damaged, instead of throwing it away, it is repaired with Kintsugi and reused.