Minn Kanazawa

Minn Kanazawa has been certified as a Kanazawa SDGs tourism promotion business operator in a total of 8 indicators; Indicator 1 “Take care of the resources in the Earth”, Indicator 2 “Go beyond barriers and promote partnerships”, Indicator 3 “Respect the local community and nature”, Indicator 4 “Create a comfortable town”, Indicator 5 “Create a rewarding work environment”, Indicator 6 “Protect local culture and economy”, Indicator 7 “Challenge new possibilities”, Indicator 8 “Introduce the appeal of the region and the contribution of tourism for Kanazawa”.

Its particularly unique efforts that contribute to the promotion of sustainable tourism are introduced below.

Eco-friendly amenities such as towels made from 65% thinned bamboo fiber are provided.
Ethical and eco-friendly materials are used for bath amenities. Toothbrushes made from thinned bamboo, and pajamas made from ‘double gauze’ are both provided for a fee.

In cooperation with the general incorporated association Latas Club, activities to think about the global environment, such as implementing programs that introduce the magnificence of nature and the lives of animals in Antarctica, have been conducted.

Aiming for the future tourism industry and hotel industry, an environment where workers can work with unprecedented ideas has been provided.
Experiences of unmanned operation have been accumulated, and cloud computing is being actively worked on so that the hotel can be operated by a small number of people.

Room service for breakfast has been provided in collaboration with Hiramipan, a popular local shop, and Caravanserai, a long-established shop.

By holding events in the lounge on the 1st floor, “Minn Kanazawa” invites guests to participate and create opportunities to make memories in Kanazawa.

A water supply spot and an umbrella spot have been registered and set up to provide an environment where local residents and travelers can easily use.