Kanazawa Machiya Guesthouse AKATSUKIYA

Kanazawa Machiya Guesthouse AKATSUKIYA has been certified as a Kanazawa SDGs tourism promotion business operator in a total of 5 indicators; Indicator 1 “Take care of the resources in the Earth”, Indicator 2 “Go beyond barriers and promote partnerships”, Indicator 3 “Respect the local community and nature”, Indicator 6 “Protect local culture and economy”, Indicator 7 “Challenge new possibilities”.

Its particularly unique efforts that contribute to the promotion of sustainable tourism are introduced below.

“Kanazawa Machiya Guesthouse AKATSUKIYA” coordinates opportunities for university students from outside the prefecture and abroad to do fieldwork in Kanazawa and interact with local people.

Local tourism resources have been found, and tourism products have been created, to learn about nature, history, and culture of the region from local residents.

In-house galleries are held on an irregular basis to display photographic works, calligraphy works, and flower arrangement works.