A Partnership Project to achieve our city’s goals for 2030.
IMAGIME KANAZAWA 2030 is a project to make our city sustainable by 2030 through partnerships.

In order to tackle the challenges that are solvable today, it is vital that citizens, regions, NPOs, companies, and governmental administrations work together. We must also take into account cross-generational themes concerning the challenges which are not immediately solvable. Connecting across different generations multiplies the possible perspectives and potential.

The project, “IMAGINE KANAZAWA 2030”, which our launched to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It promotes partnerships among various actors to create collective impacts in “real and virtual communication” spaces on the SDGs.


SDGs Café

A “real communication” space for SDGs study sessions, seminars etc. in which anyone can participate.
SDGs Café took place 8 times from April to November in 2019 and had 350 participants.
The city will continue to hold it once in a month or two months and now call for collaborative events.

Knowing SDGs encourages us to take actions.
Realizing the steadfast changes of the times.
-Past events

SDG’s Meeting

SDG’s Meeting is a Stakeholder’s meeting for discussing the vision for Kanazawa 2030 and Kanazawa’s individual evaluation axis.
43 participants including professionals in education, the environment and IT and students attend the meeting.

Discussion on individual thoughts and knowledge for Kanazawa’s future
Back and forth contemplation from detailed and overall viewpoints
-Past meetings

No.0  Thu. 13  June,  Shiinoki Cultural Complex
No.1  Thu. 25  July, Shiinoki Cultural Complex
No.2  Wed.25 September, Shiinoki Cultural Complex
No.3  Tue.29 October, Nagadohe Youth Center

Official Facebook page


The events and hot topics about SDGs are posted on Facebook. 
Kanazawa SDGs Facebook page(Only available in Japanese)


In order for Kanazawa to be sustainable in the three aspects (environment, society and the economy), Kanazawa City, the Junior Chamber International Kanazawa and the United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability Operating Unit Ishikawa/Kanazawa (UNU-IAS OUIK) partnered and made an agreement on 13 July, 2018 on joint research towards improving Kanazawa’s SDGs efforts.

The agreement contains their joint commitment and goals, their action plan and the layout of their work towards raising awareness of the SDGs. Their joint research workshop took place three times in the fiscal year 2019.

These workshops resulted in the “Kanazawa SDGs Joint Declaration” (in March 2019). It issued a “5 courses of action”-plan and the announcement of the project name “IMAGINE KANAZAWA 2030”.

Kanazawa City, the Junior Chamber International Kanazawa and the UNU-IAS OUIK signed an agreement on joint research on the SDGs.
Kanazawa SDGs Joint Declaration was issued in March 2019.